Scalp Massage for Hair Growth: It really works?

Scalp Massage for Hair Growth: It really works?

Having a full, thick, and healthy head of hair is a standard of beauty all over the world. Thinning hair, bald spots, and hair loss are not only signs of an unsightly appearance, but they can also be symptoms of underlying medical conditions.


While treatments are available, such as hair transplants, hair growth serums, and prescription medication to treat hair loss and baldness, these methods can be invasive and bring about a host of side effects. If you’re looking for a safer, risk-free, and non-invasive solution to hair growth, then you might want to try a scalp massage.

What is a Scalp Massage?

A scalp massage is similar to any kind of body massage, wherein the pressure is applied to the body to release tension and promote a relaxing feeling. But unlike body massage where firm pressure is applied, only light and gentle touches are done on the scalp.


Among the many benefits of a head massage are hair growth, thicker growth of hair, as well as reduces stress levels. A typical head massage uses the tips of the fingertips and palms of the hands. Aside from using fingers, there are also devices that massage the scalp, such as scalp massage brushes and other handheld devices designed to boost circulation on the scalp.

Why You Might Need a Scalp Massage?

You might need a scalp massage if you are suffering from hair loss, thinning hair, or bald spots. While scientific data has not confirmed that a head massage can effectively promote hair growth, recent studies have shown promising results.


Hair loss is caused by many factors, such as hereditary reasons, age, or an autoimmune disease called androgenic alopecia. In this disease, hair follicles shrink and eventually stop growing. Stress can also be another factor of hair loss or hair thinning, as well as the frequent use of hair products, hair styling treatments, or scalp infection.

Benefits of a Scalp Massage

Benefits of a Scalp Massage

A scalp massage may be a simple method for hair growth but there are a lot of benefits associated with the practice. Let’s take a look at the benefits you can enjoy when doing a regular head massage:


1.Hair Growth

Several studies have shown that a head massage can reduce hair fall, help regrow your hair, and strengthen your follicles to stimulate hair growth.



Any form of massage can promote relaxation. It is essential for health and well-being to reduce stress levels, and one of the easiest and simplest ways you can do this is by getting a massage. Massaging the scalp can also help ease tension, reducing instances of migraines and other forms of headaches.


3.Thicker Hair

One study on hair loss and gentle massaging of the scalp revealed that those who regularly massaged their head enjoyed thicker and voluminous hair.


4.Fights Dandruff

Massaging the scalp provides an exfoliating effect wherein buildup of dirt and other residues from environmental elements are scraped off the scalp. The cleaner your scalp is, the less dandruff you’ll have.

Can Scalp Massage Stimulate Hair Growth?

Studies have shown promising results of scalp massage on hair growth. While there has been no absolutely proven evidence that hair growth is a product of scalp massage, recent studies have shown promising conclusions. Here are some of such studies:

“2016 study in Japan observed the results of head massage on individuals after 24 weeks of massaging for 5 minutes every day. The results included an increase in hair thickness, as well as a reduction in hair-loss-related genes and an increase in hair cycle-related gene expression.”

“In a 2012 Hong Kong study, with a sample of 100 balding men, results of the study shows that head massage had the ability to regrow hair in these subjects after 300 days of head massage.”

“In one study that involved men and women who suffered from a form of alopecia, 69% of these subjects reported having regrowth of hair after regular scalp massages.”

These studies may be small and limited but they have exhibited positive results with simple scalp massages done a few minutes every day. Without the use of medicines, oils, serums, or tropical products, the subjects in these studies were able to enjoy hair regrowth and other benefits with light and gentle pressures on their scalp.

How A Scalp Massage May Help Hair Growth

Massaging your scalp promotes hair growth through the stimulation of the hair follicles. Many causes of hair loss or hair thinning is due to hair follicle problems. A scalp massage meets the needs of shrunken or unhealthy follicles by helping to bring more oxygen into the follicles via increased blood circulation.


Massaging any part of the body boosts both blood circulation and lymphatic drainage into the area. When this happens, improved oxygenation occurs within the scalp and into the follicles, specifically, bringing nutrient-rich oxygen that helps to boost the scalp’s health and stimulates hair regrowth.


A massage can also exfoliate the scalp, which means dead skin and other elements from dirt, dust, sweat, or hair product residue are scrubbed off. Regular exfoliation of the skin unblocks clogged hair follicles, allowing them to grow hair more efficiently.


In a nutshell, a scalp massage does two things to your head of hair: boosts blood circulation to the scalp, and exfoliates your head of hair to unclog hair follicles.

Best Techniques for Scalp Massage or Hair Growth

Just like body massage, scalp massage can also be done using these two common massage techniques: effleurage and petrissage.

Effleurage is the movement of long, flowing strokes on the skin. In terms of the scalp, use your fingers to glide through your scalp in a circular motion. Apply light and gentle strokes to gently massage your scalp for at least 1 to 2 minutes. Do not apply hard or firm pressure or any rubbing motion, or else you will break your hair strands and can even lead to tension headaches.

This technique is the use of kneading movements on the skin. Like effleurage on the scalp, make sure the pressure is light and gentle. You can use your palm for this massage technique.

Let’s now move on to simple ways to massage your scalp:

Traditional Scalp Massage

Traditional Scalp Massage

The most common kind of scalp massage is the traditional finger massage. Using the tip of your fingers, gently apply pressure on your head, done in circular motions, and covering the entire scalp. Give more attention to parts of your scalp that have hair thinning or bald spots. Make sure you massage them gently and never apply hard pressure.

You can do this any time of the day, wherever you may be. Make sure you don’t tie your hair or have any hair accessories. Do this for 5 minutes, two times a day.

Massage While Showering

Massage While Showering

You can also do this technique as you shower. As you apply shampoo, gently massage your scalp using your fingertips or the palm of your hands. Make sure the shampoo cleanses your full head of locks and your entire scalp is washed. Use circular motions, rub your scalp gently, and rinse off the shampoo after 5 minutes.

Massage with Essential Oils

Massage with Essential Oils

While it’s not required to use oils or serums when you massage your scalp, you can add essential oils to your technique. Oil can help with long and gliding motions, but certain oils also provide an added boost of hair growth, regulates serum production, and controls dandruff.


Essential oils have been used for ages by many cultures all over the world to help with hair loss and promote longer, thicker hair. The following essential oils are ideal to help with hair growth:

        • Tea tree oil
        • Borage oil
        • Ylang-Ylang oil
        • Peppermint oil
        • Rose oil


Make sure you mix these pure essential oils with a carrier oil, such as coconut or Jojoba as pure essential oils can be harsh on the skin. Once you’re done, make sure you rinse off all the oil from your hair and scalp as oil can gather dust, dirt, dandruff, and even clog your hair follicles, defeating the purpose of doing a scalp massage.

Use Scalp Massager

If you want to use another tool to help massage your head, you can purchase a hair massage brush or any device designed to stimulate hair growth. These can include electric brushes and scalp massagers that are often recommended by dermatologists.


These devices or tools gently massage the hair, cleanse the scalp, and offer a soothing and gentle sensation.

Steps to use a scalp massager for the Frist Time


Step 1: Make Sure Your Hair is Down and Doesn’t Have Any Accessories

Make sure there are no hindrances for your fingers to fully reaching and covering the entirety of your scalp. Having your hair down will also be relaxing as you move your fingers or palms around your head.


Step 2: Set a Timer for 5 Minutes

Make sure you massage your head for at least 5 minutes to open up the pores, boost circulation, and ensure the vessels carry nutrient-rich oxygen to your hair follicles.


Step 3: Start Massaging Your Scalp

Make sure you get to your hair follicles with your fingers or palms. Massage gently in a circular motion. If you’re using a serum or oil, massage your scalp for 1 minute before applying the serum. Massing your scalp helps to open up the pores so the serum and oils are absorbed more efficiently.


If you used oils, leave on hair for 30mminutes to one hour before rinsing off. Remember to wash off all the oil or serum because these can hold more dirt and residue on your hair, leading to dandruff or clog your pores.


Do this for 5 minutes twice a day for at least 6 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a scalp massage is good for hair loss because it stimulates improved blood circulation. With improved blood circulation, nutrient-rich oxygen is brought to your hair follicles, stimulating them to grow hair more efficiently. A scalp massage also cleanses and scrapes off residue, unclogging hair follicles and letting them breathe.

By making your scalp healthier, it can prevent hair loss and boost the healthy growth of hair.

The frequency of doing this massage depends on your needs. Do you want to massage your scalp to stimulate hair regrowth, or maybe you want to have thicker hair? If you want hair regrowth, massaging your scalp twice every day for 6 months may help to boost hair growth. If you want thicker hair, three to 5 times a week may be enough.

Yes, with diligent daily massage, you can boost hair growth in a few months. It may take some time to really see the results but be patient, you’ll definitely see more hair growth in areas where your head is balding or thinning.

Aside from scalp massage, you might also want to reduce your stress levels and watch out for any underlying medical conditions that may have caused your hair loss problems in the first place.

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