Private: Relaxation Massage Techniques That You Can Use at Home

Relaxation Massage Techniques That You Can Use at Home

Receiving a massage is one surefire way to achieve harmony and relaxation for your mind, body, and soul. Most people believe getting a massage is purely a treat that requires plenty of time and money. If you frequent spas and massage parlors, this may be true. However, one of the benefits of a relaxation massage is that it can be done at home by your partner, friends, family.


Are you looking to try out a massage for relaxing? Below is a guide for giving amazing and relaxing massages anytime and anywhere.

What is the Best Way to Give A Relaxing Massage?

When it comes to giving a relaxing massage, different masseuses and massage therapists use plenty of techniques to arrive at the same goal. However, you want to tailor your massage session to the recipient’s needs. The best way to give someone a relaxing massage is to ask them where and how. Where you massage someone will have a significant impact on their relaxation needs. Generally, to achieve relaxation, aim for the head, hand, foot, or shoulders.

shoulder massage

Shoulder Massage


The shoulder is probably the most classic body part where people feel the most tension. Massaging the shoulders can be a huge stress reliever and is an awesome way to relax your muscles.

head massage

Head Massage


The traditional head massage is a fantastic way to relieve stress and provide relaxation. It originated from India and is based on Ayurvedic, the ancient healing form. Massaging one’s head using proper techniques is guaranteed to melt away stress and elevate relaxation.

foot massage

Foot Massage

A foot massage is ideal for individuals who are constantly on their feet all day and want some form of relaxation and pain relief. A foot bath massager is a convenient, easier way to massage your feet for relaxation.

hand massage

Hand Massage


The hand is often an overlooked part when giving a massage. A hand massage can be very relaxing and is an amazing way to show affection.

In addition, how you give the massage also matters. Ensure you are gentle and thoughtful during the massage. For starters, ask the recipient to point to body parts that need extra attention. Another best way to ensure you give a relaxing massage is to use the appropriate massage oils and tools. You can couple your revitalizing massage oil with a back massager for relaxation.

What Are the Benefits of A Relaxation Massage?

  • Enhanced Circulation. A relaxation massage involves gentle kneading and stroking movements over your skin that enhance the blood circulation flow peripherally. It allows for the transportation of fresh blood to the area, allowing for the quick removal of toxins. In addition, improved circulation improved the recovery of soft tissue injuries internally. It also improves your skin tone.


  • Eased Muscle Pain. Trained and expert massage therapists should comfortably isolate specific muscles or muscle groups to treat extreme pain.


  • Reduced Muscle Tension. This is often a result of postural issues, which can be dealt with by a normal relaxation massage. Having regular relaxation massages can also help reduce muscle fatigue.


  • Alleviated Depression and Anxiety. Depression and anxiety are responsible for a wide range of mental health challenges. The analgesic effects of a massage, the skin-to-skin contact’s health benefits, and the calm atmosphere created during massages help reduce some symptoms of depression and anxiety.


  • Better Sleep. A relaxation massage relaxes the massage’s recipient. It offers them relief from stress and a calm feeling. In turn, the recipient falls asleep faster and more comfortably. In addition, massage therapy can help to relieve localized pain and postural stress, allowing the individual to sleep more comfortably.


  • Enhanced Immunity. By alleviating stress hormones and reducing pressure, your body can focus on its immune response to get rid of infections and diseases more easily.

How to Prepare for A Relaxing Massage

Are you planning to give or receive a relaxation massage? Below are expert-recommended ways to prepare for a relaxing massage:

  1. Eat lightly. A noisy stomach-as a result of digestion-can be awkward to you or your massage therapist. Massage therapists recommend eating at least one hour before the moving time.
  2. Stay hydrated. Hydration is vital before a massage to help remove toxins released in your body’s circulation during massage therapy. Drink water or any herbal teas and avoid coffee, alcohol, regular teas, and stimulant drinks.
  3. Take a hot shower. The massage process involves a hands-on treatment where the masseuse massages your skin and muscles. As such, it is essential to feel clean before taking a massage.
  4. Dress comfortably. Wearing comfortable clothes will put you in a relaxed mood before and after a massage.
  5. Communicate your needs with the massage therapist. Once you settle in, the professional massage reviews your health questionnaire and will seek answers to several questions if need be. It is recommended to tell the massage therapist about your expectations, needs, preferences, and more during such moments.
  6. Stay away from distractions. Keep your phone or ant digital distractions if you want to ensure a smooth and relaxing massage process.

What Types of Massages Are Mainly Used for Relaxation?

There are several types of massages you can access. Some types are more relaxing than others. However, what one considers the best massage may always differ from another person’s preference and goals. Here is a peek at the best massages used for relaxation.

swedish massage

1. Swedish Massage

It is the most popular variety of massage therapy. This massage therapy helps you combine with a combination of certain movements such as:

  • Friction
  • Long, sweeping strokes
  • Muscle kneading and rolling.

A Swedish massage will most likely begin with the long sweeping strokes and end the same way. Muscle kneading is important for tense muscles, while friction involves using the thumb, knuckles, and fingertips if the muscles need deeper pressure.


This massage type is ideal for full-body relaxation and is perfect for individuals looking to recover from injuries. A Swedish massage is also ideal for a couple looking to try out their first massage together.

hotstone massage

2. Hotstone Massage


The hot stone massage includes putting hot, smooth stones on different back positions, while the masseuse provides relaxation via varying techniques. A hot stone massage can be more invigorating than a Swedish massage and is used mainly for relaxation. The heat from the stones release tension in your body as you relax your entire body

aromatherapy massage

3. Aromatherapy Massage


Incorporating scented essential oils into your Swedish massage makes for a highly relaxing massage option. An ideal combination of essential oils for your massage can help relax your whole body as you receive your massage. Some types of oils will help you relax, while others will uplift or energize you.

Aromatherapy massage may be practical and effective for individuals struggling with digestive disorders, insomnia, headaches, back pain, and premenstrual symptoms. It is very relaxing, but you need to ensure you are not allergic to the essential oil to avoid adverse side effects.

chair massage

4. Chair Massage

A chair massage is a perfect way to receive a relaxing massage if you lack sufficient time. A chair massage takes roughly 10-15 years to complete. Whether using a chair massager or relaxing chair pads, you may not need to take off your clothes. Moreover, essential massage oils are not a significant party of chair massages unless necessary.

A chair massage primarily focuses on the upper body, making it a less expensive option for a quick relaxing massage.

shiatsu massage

5. Shiatsu Massage


This is a massage type whose focal point is physical and emotional healing. Shiatsu massage cannot be compromised in the more aggressive and intensive forms of massages. This is because gentle care is provided to elevate the dopamine receptors in your brain. A massage therapist uses soft movements on your body to provide tranquillity and honesty.


Shiatsu massage involves small quick, or long strokes. This massage type can help you alleviate body stress, tension, muscles sores, and headaches.

Thai Massage

6. Thai Massage


It is often referred to as an energy-giving massage. Thai massage focuses on your body’s activation.


Thai massage freshens your brain’s thinking abilities and provides your body the energy it required to function normally. Generally, it is also known to help you relax by not thinking a lot about other less essential things during and after the massage.

How to Find A Massage Therapist

  • Finding the right massage therapist for your massage needs is crucial. Several factors go into choosing a massage therapist to guarantee value for your money and time. Here are some steps you can follow to find a massage therapist.

What are your goals and health status?

The first thing you should do when hiring a professional massage therapist is to understand why you want the massage in the first place. Are you looking to relax or distress? Perhaps you want to alleviate muscle pains or reduce muscle contraction. Once you know why you want to get a massage, check your health for possible complications. Check for anyone who shared most of their body conditions with you and benefitted from any massage therapy offered.

Ask Around for Therapist Names

Most individuals are most comfortable using a personal referral from an acquaintance. Consult with the acquaintance in the picture to help answer a few critical questions about the massage therapist. Another vital source for a therapist is a referral from your healthcare provider. Most of these healthcare providers have a list of therapists good in different massage techniques.

Consider Your Preferences

You can have personal preferences you can rely on to feel comfortable during the massage experience. For instance, you might be comfortable hiring a male or female masseuse, depending on your preferences.

Call the Candidates

Once you have narrowed down the number of prospective massage therapists, call your top picks to inquire more about them. During this period, ask the massage therapists about their experiences and years of practice. Ensure you go for a massage therapist who has already clocked at least 500 hours of training from a renowned school. You can also inquire about the logistics and costs of a relaxing massage.


How well-trained is the massage therapist? It is vital to ensure that you find a massage therapist with papers from prestigious schools around. Ensure the therapist has the documents to prove that they can provide massages tailored to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are different types of massages. However, massages are further categorized into four basic techniques including:

1. Effleurage. The massage stroke type features a long gliding stroke by a massage therapist. It can be done using one or both hands, forearms, or knuckles. Effleurage is used to elevate the tissue being worked on.

2. Petrissage. Depending on the therapist you are working with, this massage stroke type involves kneading, wringing, and rolling, the soft tissues being massaged. It often comes after effleurage.

3. Friction. It is a warming stroke targeted at certain body areas that the therapist sees fit. Friction generates heat to warm up the spot being worked on.

4. Tapotement. It is a percussive stroke where therapists rhythmically apply their hands-on specific areas to stimulate muscles, nerves, and circulation. The technique uses hand positions like interlacing fingers, soft pits, fat palms, and cupping your hands.

A relaxation massage plays a heavy role in the human body. It provides many benefits ranging from reduced muscle tension and pain to improved recovery of soft tissue injuries. One of the most immediate effects of a good massage is a feeling of calm and deep relaxation. In addition, massage helps in the stimulation of endorphins that help in emotional health. Other benefits of a relaxation massage include:

  • Improved circulation
  • Faster recovery of soft tissue injuries

Tips for starting a relaxation practice

When you first think of opening up a massage practice, you need to comfortably distinguish between massage as a passion and as a business idea. Here are some steps and tips for starting a relaxation massage practice:

  • Become certified as a massage therapist
  • Establish yourself differently from potential competition
  • Ensure you have the critical financial tools to ensure you keep well track of your business.

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