Massage Chair Benefits: Is a Massage Chair Worth It?

Massage Chair Benefits: Is a Massage Chair Worth It?

Massage is scientifically proven to offer relief from chronic pain and stress. The good news is, individuals who want a massage but don’t want to get out of the house can now get a massage from a chair. This therapy is almost similar to conventional table massage. The only difference is your positioning, and you don’t need somebody else to do the massage.


Read on to discover the top benefits of massage and why it is a good investment.

Why Do You Need A Massage Chair?

Getting a massage is one way to get relief from pain and stress. Using a massage chair offers twice the relief from stress, pain, and the occasional fees you pay your massage therapist. A massage way is an easy and convenient way to get a massage at the comfort of your home. It is excellent for individuals who are too tired to walk into spas for table massages. Chair massage benefits make the investment worthwhile.


It is a good idea and investment if you suffer intense body pains at odd hours. It is also a good investment if you are not comfortable with the conventional table massage and the physical touch involved. In a nutshell, you need a massage chair if you seek relief from pain and stress and don’t feel like going for the standard table massage or want to save money that you ordinarily pay your massage therapist.

Are Massage Chairs Good for your Health?

Massage chairs do not only relieve you from pain and stress. It also known for their positive impact on one’s health. Massage chairs have verified medical benefits, making them a good investment for individuals with different health challenges.


Overall, massage chairs boost one’s immune system. It has various physical health benefits, such as relief to the spine. Surprisingly, massage chairs are also good for your skin.

Benefits of Massage Chairs

A massage chair has plenty of perks for wellness and health. Below are some of the benefits you can enjoy;

1. They Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Clinical studies demonstrate how regular massages are effective in reducing anxiety and stress. Therapeutic massages stimulate the dopamine and serotonin, which is the feel-good hormone in the body. Simultaneously, therapeutic massages decrease cortisol levels in the body, which is known as the stress hormone.


A collaboration of both actions stabilizes mood swings and reverses temperament in anxious and stress individuals. Anxiety and stress are abundant and may cause actual illness. Getting the necessary relief from stress via a massage will cost you less than medication. It is the ultimate mode of stress and anxiety reduction and will save your time and money.

2. Massage Chairs Induce Better Sleep Quality

Most individuals suffer from insomnia silently. While doctors may prescribe sleeping pills, there are alternative methods you can help induce sleep without medication. Sleep deprivation is associated with long-term effects and unusual body functioning as well as a daily routine.


Massage has been known to induce relaxation and, ultimately, sleep. Most people tend to fall asleep during massage therapy. There is a less hidden scientific fact that regular good massage can help you to improve your moods, often associated with better sleep cycles. Massages trigger serotonin, a hormone that induces calm and relaxation. As previously mentioned, they also reduce stress levels, help you breathe slowly, and relax your muscles. Ultimately, these send signals to your brain, which interprets the environment and the current need to induce sleep.


A massage chair is just as good and more effective than a traditional table massage. Placing a massage chair next to your bed helps reduce the hassle.

3. A Massage Chair Helps you Save Money

Going for regular massages can be a costly venture. You will have to pay the fees and tip your masseuse. Calculate the total cost of all these and multiply by the total number of times you expect to visit your masseuse in the future. You may end up saving a lot of money by purchasing a massage chair and reducing your regular costly visits to your massage therapist. You can incorporate a 15-minute daily routine before bed without paying a dime. You won’t need to pay anything else after the initial investment.

How Often Should you Get A Chair Massage?

Can you overdo using a chair massage?


It is highly possible to overdo your chair massage therapy. However, due to the fantastic health benefits, you may be tempted to use it weekly, if not daily. Individuals go for massages for various reasons. It could be related to persistent muscle pains, injuries, or body soreness. Some seek regular massages for emotional or mental reasons-to reduce stress and anxiety.


Regular good massage change everything. Regular use of a massage chair has immense benefits in your body, energy levels, moods, clarity of mind, and contentment. However, most individuals fail to ask how often you should use it- which is as much as possible.


One of the many benefits of massage chair is it offers “on-demand” massages. You don’t have to schedule an appointment with your masseuse or drive to the spa or gym. Here is a short guide on how often you should get use it, based on years of research and experience.


          • If you suffer from physical pains, for example, persistent neck pains, lower back pains, or aching shoulders, you should aim for between 3-5 massage sessions weekly.
          • For anxiety and stress relief, get a chair massage at any point you believe the stress levels are spiking and are likely to impact your normal behavior or sleep patterns.


Most importantly, gauge your body and how you respond to the regular massage treatments. Depending on your finding, you may need to adjust the treatments. However, for most individuals, a 10-15 minutes daily routine before bedtime has a long-lasting effect.


Overdoing it may cause severe long-term damage.

Massage Chair Benefits Associated with Post-Workout Recovery

Massage Chair Benefits Associated with Post-Workout Recovery​

Post-workout care is vital for muscle, body, and mental relaxation. A massage is one way to help relax your body after working out. You may choose to get a massage at the gym immediately after workouts. Alternatively, you can get a massage chair, which is a more relaxing and fun option.


Below are the benefits of a chair massage that help with post-workout recovery.

A study suggested that post-workout massages may help reduce inflammation and promote muscle growth. According to the study, a massage reduces the production of cytokines, which are responsible for inflammation. It stimulates mitochondria production, which converts glucose into energy needed for cell repair and functioning.


Delayed-onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is common for individuals who work out heavily. It usually occurs a day or two after one performs any physical activities that the body is not used to. Getting a massage post-workout helps reduce DOMS. It reduces fatigue, soreness, and swelling, which reduces DOMS intensity.

Repetitive motions cause a gradual buildup of trauma in the nerves, tendons, or muscles, which leads to Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs). Such injuries can be caused by everyday activities, such as workouts, or even minor activities such as typing.


Massages help to increase blood circulation, pain relief, reduce inflammation, and flush out natural toxins. A massage chair can help prevent RSIs or supplement your treatment plans. It reduces tension in the affected tendon or muscles.

The chairs are designed to seat you in a reclining position. Sitting on a massage chair helps you relieve the constant pressure caused by exercising, walking, or sitting all day. Unfortunately, most individuals overwork themselves in the gym, leading to extreme pressure on the spine.


As your back relax on a massage chair, your spine will freely lengthen and resume a natural, unpressurized alignment.

Overworking your body often leads to stiff muscles, especially if you lift heavy and fail to stretch afterward. The result is almost restricted movement. The looser the joints and muscles are, the easier it is for you to move them.


It can help you unbind your tissues and muscles, which increases the range of motion and freedom of movement. Tight muscles make it hard to move or articulate.

As previously noted, massages help individuals recover faster from injury. It also improves strength in muscles damaged by overuse. Most importantly, massages help reduce incidences of chronic muscle spasms.


Massages help regular athletes to speed the recovery of injuries. On the other hand, performance athletes use massages to gain a competitive advantage. It is an easy way to strengthen a weak hand and allow your body to resume its normal athletic functioning.

A massage chair stimulates the fantastic feeling of being refreshed after a long yoga or workout session. That relaxed and refreshed feeling you get after a massage session lowers your heart rate, reducing your blood pressure. It can also be caused by stressing your body with intense exercises.

They come in different settings which target different muscle groups. This gives your muscles a chance to relax from their strained, stressed state. A massage puts you in a resting position that allows you correct imbalances. By enhancing the positioning and resting state of the muscles, you can improve your posture and sense of balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. A massage chair is designed to offer relief from pain and stress. However, you should take caution not to use it for too long in a day. Chair massage usage should depend on your needs and the intensity of your pains or stress. If you constantly suffer chronic pains, stress, or anxiety, experts recommend using the massage chair for a few minutes daily to reduce the symptoms and ultimately live well.

A massage chair running all functions simultaneously for a full-body massage uses the same power as a desktop computer. Despite being a large machinery piece, even the most advanced massage chair typically uses up to 200 watts of electricity, which is less than average for common home appliances.

Yes and no.


When used appropriately, a massage chair has no adverse effects. However, some individuals often experience some slight side effects via overuse or improper use. The different ways a massage chair can be harmful include pain resulted from improper use. You may also experience allergic reactions, for example, if you are allergic to leather.


Massages can also reduce blood sugar levels. Therefore, consult with your doctor before using a massage chair.

Electric massagers have been proven to relax the muscles. They relieve one from chronic pains while increasing skin elasticity. Electric massagers also support the digestive system and reduce anxiety. In a nutshell, electric massagers do work unless you purchase a dysfunctional unit from an unreliable supplier.

It is not uncommon to doze off in a massage chair after a session. The main benefit of sleeping in a massage chair is your muscles are relieved from pain and tension. Sleeping in a massage chair is relatively easy, but professionals recommend against it, especially the whole night or long periods.

Benefits of massage chairs outweigh potential risks.


The massage chair is an integral part of recovery from muscle pains or stress. Caregivers recommend it for individuals suffering physical pains and emotional or mental exhaustion. If you are suffering from any of the above, you should get a massage chair to help alleviate the symptoms. Moreover, the massage chair is also good for your skin.

Final Thoughts

Nearly every individual who uses a massage chair can attest to its life-changing benefits. A massage chair is perfect for relaxation and stress relief. It is also medically proven to help cure certain conditions such as DOMS, chronic pains, and more. Chair massage therapy is becoming common among individuals who don’t feel the need to visit the spa or gyms.


During this pandemic, it has become a valuable asset for people who want to maintain a healthy, peaceful lifestyle without leaving their homes. The massage chair is a worthy investment, especially after enjoying the unlimited massage chair benefits.

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