How to Buy an Electric Massage Chair: Buyer's Guide

How to Buy an Electric Massage Chair: Buyer's Guide

Electric massage chair is it worth it to purchase? How much does it cost? What should I look for when buying an electric relax chair?


If you seek answers to these questions, you are in the right place. An electric chair is the best you can do for yourself when looking for a fun and relaxing way to reduce stress, anxiety, and persistent body pains. It is a worthy investment that saves you lots of bucks every time you feel like having a massage.


Below is an in-depth buyers’ guide for a massage chair.

How Much Does a Good Massage Chair Cost?

A growing number of people no longer have the luxury of getting a massage from the spa. It could be for several reasons, such as location, work, or lack of motivation. Most of these individuals have shifted their preference and invest their money in getting a massage chair for its convenience.

How much does a massage chair cost?

Averagely, an electric massage chair costs a few thousand dollars in the market. Some electric massage chairs are priced a little under the $1,000 mark, but these feature basic massage techniques and may not be what you require.


Some electric massage chairs cost as high as $15,000 and come with unique features like built-in heat massage and specialized massage.


There is a massive gap between the cheapest and most expensive electric massage chairs in the market. It would be wise to determine what features you need before settling on a purchase.


In a nutshell, a good massage chair could cost you around $4,000 or as high as $11,000. Outline the features of each chair you come across and settle on what you need.

Features of the Best Home Massage Chair

What should you look for before buying a home electric relax chair? Massage chairs come in different types. Below is an analysis of the advanced features of a home massage chair based on intense research and experience.

1. 3D back massage mechanism

2. Shoulder air massage

3. Low back heating

4. Arm air massage

5. Calf air massage

6. Foot roller


Functionality is the main feature when looking to buy a home massage chair. What kind of function do you want? Some chairs offer a heated seat, while others provide benefits such as muscle compression or cervical therapy. The main massage chair functions include;

            • Heating function- timer
            • Memory function
            • Remote control or control panel
            • Integrated computer
            • Armrests with cup holders
            • Foot massage
            • Head and back reclining options


An integrated computer with a memory function is a vital feature to consider when buying a massage chair. Some chairs allow users to program specific combinations of massage types and can save their preferences.

Features of a home massage chair are categorized into three;

1. Convenience features

2. Therapeutic features

3. Core massage chair technologies.

Convenience Features

These features don’t directly impact the massage experience. However, they are attractive to individual users. They include;

Convenience Features of massage chair

Space-saving design is crucial for individuals who value their space. Most home massage chairs need 18″-24″ of clearance between the back of the chair and whichever wall surface you place it near. Chairs built with the space-saving design feature require just about 4″ wall clearance, making it the perfect addition to any design.

MP3 support is one of the most popular conveniences in the market since it allows users to listen to music during chair massage therapy. The music support feature has three implementations, including;

      • Bluetooth compatibility, which allows you to connect your device to the chair speakers wirelessly
      • USB port, which allows you to load your music to a flash drive and connect it to the chair
      • SSD card slot.

This feature is found in just about 10% of massage chairs today. It is a subtle feature that users admit increases relaxation by blowing gentle ionized air across their faces during the massage.

Most chairs are designed for users ranging between 5″ and 6.1″ in height. Several massage chairs feature an ottoman with an extension module. This allows the chairs to accommodate users as tall as 6.5″.

The presence of large leg massage ports can be distracting and less appealing, especially when the chair is not in use. This feature provides a solution to this challenge. When the massage is not in use, you can fold the leg ports into the chair, making it appear like an ordinary furniture piece in the room.

The soft glow of LED lights placed in chairs that offer chromotherapy can be highly relaxing.

Therapeutic Features

Therapeutic features are integrated on massage chairs to solve specific concerns and help you feel better. Unfortunately, no massage chair has all the therapeutic features. It is vital to know which of these you want and make a purchase decision based on that.

Therapeutic Features of massage chair

Deep tissue massage is a better alternative to standard roller-based massage even though it offers some decent therapeutic value.


When purchasing a massage chair, there are two ways to identify this feature. Some manufacturers opt to openly label it as “deep tissue massage,” which makes identification easier. Others will list the feature as “3D” or “4D” technology.


4D Roller Tech mounts the chair’s rollers on extension arms, allowing them to move an extra 3 inches or so away from the massage track. It further allows for a more penetrating massage experience, helping to loosen aching muscles.

Most massage chairs offer heat therapy nowadays, especially in the lumbar region. Few chairs offer extensive heat in the leg massage ports. Others provide intense back heat, while one even comes with a heating blanket plus back heat to give users some sort of full-body heat approach.


As a general rule, the more extensive the heat, the more expensive the massage chair. You may also find some chair models that allow precise temperature control.

This feature improves the massage experience by placing one in a position where the knees are elevated slightly above the heart. This positioning gives one the feeling of weightlessness and allows one’s body weight to press firmly against the back chair. The extra pressure allows the chair rollers to provide deeper massages.

The body stretch therapeutic feature provides immediate pain relief by taking pressure off the compressed discs in the spine. The two alternative features that offer this same benefit less aggressively include the Hip Swing and Waist Twist.


The body stretch feature might be a little too aggressive, especially on days when you have intense chronic pains. It is why a less aggressive feature might be beneficial.

A significant percentage of electric massage chairs feature leg massage ports. A foot massage is often done via dual rollers, while airbags render a calf massage.


Cheaper massage chair alternatives use a simple vibration-style massage for the feet’ soles. On the other hand, costly alternatives offer advanced features like quad or tri-rollers for the feet’ soles. They also offer heated massage ports and different massage types, for instance, Shiatsu foot massage.

This therapeutic feature allows you to interrupt any massage program in progress to focus the rollers where needed precisely.

Core Massage Chair Technologies

These are the essential features that come in almost every electric relax chair. They include;

Core Massage Chair Technologies

They come in three variations, including;

      • Fixed-frame. Common in low-end chairs, it is a basic rectangular frame upon which the stationary massage heads are mounted. Unfortunately, the frame does not follow your spine’s curve, resulting in an inferior quality massage.
      • S-Track. It is the current industry standard. The S-Track is shaped to follow the spine’s curve and delivers a superb massage.
      • L-Track. It is the latest in electric massage chair technology. It combines the S-Track with an extension that bends beneath the seat. This combination allows rollers to massage from your neck to the glutes and the back of your thighs.

They are the means by which the massage is rendered. The standard electric relax chair uses a quad-roller setup. However, manufacturers keen on saving costs use tri or dual-roller setup. As a general rule, more rollers equal a better massage experience.

Roller-based massage can be done in different techniques. These techniques fall into two main categories, basic and advanced. The basic techniques include rolling, tapping, kneading, and anything remotely similar. Advanced techniques include Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai and are typically named after their country of origin. As a general rule, the more you are willing to pay for an electric relax chair, the more features you will get.

Massage chairs offer different massage modes; roller-based massage or Airbag-based massage. As a general rule, the more airbags, the better the massage experience.

Some massage chairs offer a touchscreen LCD screen option, while others prefer the more convenient and practical remote control.

Why Should You Buy A Massage Chair?

An electric recliner is a worthy investment for several reasons.

        • It helps combat stress and anxiety
        • A electric recliner provides the ultimate relaxation
        • A electric recliner helps eliminate chronic pains
        • It helps soothe aching muscles and tendons
        • A electric recliner helps improve the quality of sleep
        • It is a chiropractic solution for different conditions
        • Having a home electric recliner is cost-effective compared to going for massages at the spa or gym regularly

Do You Have Enough Room for a Massage Chair At Home?

A standard electric recliner can take up a large chunk of space, especially if you live in a tiny house. Different manufacturers advise placing the chair a little further from the walls. This setup takes up lots of space, which may be inconvenient. Therefore, ensure you place your electric recliner in a spacious room that allows you convenience.

Possible Problems to Purchase a Massage Chair

Although a home electric massage chair is a good investment, it comes with risks and potential dangers. Most of these risks are often caused by improper usage of the machine.


            • Some of these potential problems you may face from your electric recliner include;
            • Wrong use can lead to injury or, even worse, an aggravation of an existing medical condition or injury
            • Pain. It is not unusual to experience residual pain after the chair massage therapy. This pain often results from the pressure placed in deep tissue massages.
            • Overstimulation can cause fatigue
            • The risk of bone fracture among individuals with weak bones
            • Irritation of the contact area


These problems are often brought out by the user’s medical history or usage of the chair. It is advised to read the user manual carefully before use and consult with a medical professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Despite being a large piece of machinery, an electric massage chair uses only up to 200 watts. This is reasonable usage considering some house appliances use up to 2,000 watts. As such, a electric recliner does not use too much electricity.

Electric massage chairs are safe, provided you follow instructions. It is advisable always to read the user manual to avoid common accidents. You should also consult with your doctor if it is okay to use an electric massage chair if you have an underlying condition.

Yes, it is. A electric recliner is the best investment you can make for your health. It helps combat stress, anxiety, muscle tension, among other conditions. It is also fun and relaxing and ultimately cheaper than walk-in massages at the spas or gym.

Manufacturers and experts recommend scheduling sessions for your chair massage therapy. As a general rule, too much of something can be hazardous. Therefore, use your massage chair only when necessary. Excessive use may lead to severe problems and may eventually lead to damage to the electric recliner.

Final Thoughts

We recommend putting time into researching the massage chairs available at your disposal. There is no single chair that carries all the above features. However, you ought to understand what you are looking for in a massage chair. This will help you make an informed decision and avoid feeling ripped off.


Most importantly, seek professional advice from your doctors and a massage expert for recommendations and relevant information.

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