10 Easy and Effective Eye Exercise Techniques

10 Easy and Effective Eye Exercise Techniques

Eye exercise are designed to ease discomfort, helps one focus, and stimulate the brain’s vision center. For decades, people have promoted eye exercises as a remedy for vision problems such as eyesight. However, there is minimal scientific evidence to back this theory, especially for severe conditions such as myopia.

On the other hand, eye exercises can be highly or mildly effective for certain conditions such as eyestrains. The effect depends on the eye exercise technique you employ and the severity of the condition.

Below are the different exercises and the benefits.

Best Eye Exercise Techniques

Here are few different techniques you should probably try out;

1. Eye Roll

When done regularly, the eye roll is effective and can help to strengthen the muscles while improving your eye shape. Below are the steps to do;

      • Stand or sit straight. Relax your shoulders and look straight in front
      • Look to your right. Slowly roll your eyes up
      • Roll your eyes slowly to the left, then slowly down to the floor
      • Repeat this clockwise and anti-clockwise a few times.

You can do the exercise for two-five minutes.

2. The Rub Down

It is an easy exercise that can be done even while wearing contact lenses. You can perform the exercise whenever you feel strain or feel like a quick, refreshing eye training.

      • Stand or sit comfortably
      • Briskly rub your palms together until they feel warm
      • Close your eyes, then put your palms over your eyelids. Imagine the warmth seeping into your eyes
      • Ensure you don’t press down on your eyeballs with your palm.

You can perform this technique for about 4 minutes or until you feel otherwise.

3. The Moving Finger

It is a common prescription by doctors for individuals with weak muscles.

      • Sit straight. Keep your neck straight, relax your shoulders, and look in front.
      • Hold a pen or pencil in front of your nose
      • Focus on the tip of the pencil
      • Extend your arm entirely and return it to the starting position

You can perform the exercise in 2-5 minutes.

4. Eye Press

It is a simple yet effective eye training for tired eyes and relieving stress.

      • Sit straight, close your eyes, and breathe in deep
      • Place a finger on each eyelid. Press lightly for approximately 12 seconds
      • Release the pressure for a couple of seconds, then resume

Three minutes is sufficient to get the effects kicking in.

6. Blink Exercise

Staring at a mobile, computer or digital device screen constantly can lead to eye and mental fatigue. Such often happens when we forget to blink regularly. Blinking is a natural process that you can still perform as an eye exercise technique.

      • Sit comfortably, keep your neck straight, and look at a blank wall, then close your eyes
      • Hold for half a minute, then open your eyes
      • Repeat this simple process 15 steps to complete a single set.

Three sets of 15 blink reps are enough unless you feel okay continuing.

7. Flexing Exercise

Flexing your eyes strengthens the muscles.

      • Sit straight and look ahead
      • Without moving your neck, look up, then look down. Do the exercise 12 times
      • While keeping your neck straight, look to your extreme right then to your extreme left. Do it 12 times.

This short vision therapy have four sets of 12 reps for approximately 5 minutes is reasonable.

8. Focusing Exercise

This eye muscle training has the potential of solving focusing issues.

      • Sit straight five feet from a window, keep your shoulders relaxed, and look ahead
      • Extend your left or right arm in front of you. Stick your thumb out and focus on the thumb tip for three seconds
      • Focus on the window for three seconds without moving your hand
      • Then focus on a distant object out of the window for three seconds
      • Focus back on your thumb.

This training is almost similar to the moving finger, except this is intended for focus.

9. The Eye Bounce

      • Lie down, sit, or stand comfortably. Then look ahead with your eyes closed or open
      • Move your eyes up and down quickly
      • Perform the exercise ten times before resting for a few seconds.

You can do it for about 3 three minutes or until you feel otherwise.

10. Trace-An-Eight Eye Exercise

      • Picture a huge lateral number “8” on a ceiling or blank wall.
      • Without moving your head, trace a path along this 8 figure using the eyes only
      • Perform the exercise 5-10 times.

Benefits of Eye Exercise

Any doctor will recommend regular eye exercises due to their various benefits, which include;


1. Eye exercises prevent dry eyes

2. Eliminates tension and eye strain

3. It renders flexibility to the muscles

4. Exercise is a treatment for lazy eyes

5. Improve vision


It is important to understand that natural exercises potentially reach the root problems of your eyes. On the other hand, conventional methods of improving vision or health only deal with the symptoms.

What Causes Eye Strain?

Common causes of eye strain include;

            • Stress or fatigue
            • Having an underlying problem, such as uncorrected vision or dry eyes
            • Straining to see in dim lighting
            • Exposure to bright light or glare
            • Driving long distances or doing activities involving extended focus
            • Reading without pausing to rest your eyes
            • Staring at digital device screens for long

Can Eye Exercises Reduce Eye Strain?

Exercises eliminate tension and dry eyes, which subsequently reduces strain. If you stare at your computer screens for too long, you may develop eye strain, which you can reduce by performing exercises regularly.

How Do I Relax My Eye Muscles?

You can perform regular eye exercises to reduce fatigue and relaxes. The flexing eye training flexes your eye tense muscles, leading to relaxed muscles.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are different ways to strengthen your eyes. You can perform eye exercises, which are natural methods to strengthen the eyes. You can also strengthen your eyes by eating a good diet and reducing exposure to harmful rays.

Yes, you can. By getting enough key vitamins and minerals, you can improve your eyesight immensely. Staying fit and performing regular eye exercises can also improve your eyesight naturally.

Massage can’t improve your eyesight completely, but effectiveness of your vision will be much higher. Also you can have medical advice from your doctor regarding eye massager vision therapy or visit our guide of How to Chose The Best Eye Massager.

In this article I introduce you 10 the best exercises for your home vision therapy. They are all personalized. For example blinking I use when I spend a lot of time in front of the computer.

Final Thoughts

Eye health is vital, just like overall body health. To ensure good eye health, ensure you get into the habit of performing regular eye exercises.

Eye training therapy help reduce eye pressure and improve your vision. Natural options for improving eye health are vital and less demanding than expert-recommended modes.

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