What is Cupping and Cupping Therapy for Cellulite

Cupping Therapy for Cellulite

What is Cupping and Cupping Therapy for Cellulite?

Cupping is a traditional healing practice that dates back as early as 3000BCE. The treatment practice involved experts placing heated cups on targeted skin areas to create suction that pulled surface tissues into the cup.


Cupping therapy for cellulite is intended to elevate your skin’s appearance by draining toxins and fluids from the body. Below is an expert guide on cupping therapy for cellulite.

Do the Suction Cups Actually Get Rid of Cellulite?

Generally, cupping (suction cups) has been used for years to inspire home remedies. It is also a practical method suggested by various doctors and medical practitioners to keep the body fit, balanced, and healthy. It is an effective way to stimulate the body’s healing mechanism. Cupping therapy for cellulite is a primitive alternative to modern surgeries and medicines. Cupping has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat various ailments and conditions, including cellulite.


A sizable percentage of women above 21 years of age have and will experience cellulite at some point. It is caused by trapped water, fat, and waste under one’s connective tissues. Poor blood flow to the connective tissues increases the chances of cellulite occurring. Some of the treatment options designed to remedy this situation include massage therapy and cupping therapy.


Cupping therapy is a reliable form of reducing the appearance of cellulite. It stimulates blood flow, increases circulation, and minimizes fluid buildup. The suction cups break up the cellulite improves the skin texture after treatment. However, this is often a temporary effect, and as such, one may require additional cupping sessions to maintain the appearance.

How Does Cupping Work?

cupping therapy


The theory behind cupping therapy for cellulite is that reverse pressure promotes the drainage of accumulated toxins, fluids, and waste. Essentially, the cup suctioning pulls the red blood cells to the targeted area to improve any healing functions necessary.


The cupping therapist brings the red blood cells artificially to the targeted area using suction. If anything needs healing within the muscle layer, for example, flushing out toxins, the red blood cells stay there for healing.



Once the suction draws the fluid to the targeted surface, the suction force expands and breaks open blood vessels under your skin. The body considers the cupping area as an injury and sends in more blood supply to stimulate the body’s healing process

Can I Do Cupping on My Legs?

Can I Do Cupping on My Legs?Cupping is a safe, non-conventional treatment that helps to alleviate chronic muscle pain and tightness better than alternative therapies. Cupping is primarily practiced along the shoulders, back, and posterior back. It can also be done on the hamstrings, forearms, and lower legs (calves). Cupping has been used severally to treat varicose veins and spider veins found under the skin, typically on feet and legs.


Cupping is a reliable treatment for stiff, sore, tight, or painful muscles on different body parts, including the legs. The treatment increases blood circulation to targeted areas, making it useful in treating uncomfortable conditions on your legs.

Where to Buy the Cupping Supplies you Will Need for Cupping

Where to Buy the Cupping SuppliesCupping supplies are essentially classified as beauty products. As such, you can buy your cupping supplies in your usual health and beauty product store. Cupping products are sold in pharmacies and department stores. Fortunately, you can also buy your cupping products from online outlets and vendors selling beauty, health, and massage supplies.


Generally, home kits are less costly than glass cups used by expert cupping therapists. Common cupping supplies come in sets which include variously sized cups, massager, massager oil, and a carrying kit. Check with your beauty therapist or trained practitioner to recommend the best cupping products and where to buy them.

Does Cupping for Cellulite Really Work?

Unfortunately, cellulite is extremely stubborn, and nothing can get rid of it entirely. Most cellulite therapies are purely intended to reduce the appearance of cellulite. One of the treatment options is cupping, which involves placing the open side of cups on targeted skin areas to create a suction effect, which in turn helps to drain excess fluids and toxins that form cellulite.


Cupping therapy for cellulite involves using bamboo, silicone, ceramic, or glass cups for the treatment. The practitioner uses either of these cups to create suction by applying moderate or high heat to the cup before putting it on the skin. In addition, the expert uses dry cupping to treat cellulite instead of wet cupping, which involves piercing the skin, so blood flows into the cup.


Cupping increases blood circulation, which is necessary for removing cellulite and improving skin health. The process also smoothens the appearance of cellulite. However, while cupping works to remove cellulite, the results are often temporary. As such, experts recommend going in for more than one cupping session to maintain the results. It is important to note that cupping does not eliminate cellulite fully but reduces the effects temporarily.

Pros and Cons of Cupping Therapy for Cellulite

These are the essential features that come in almost every electric relax chair. They include;


  • Cupping increases circulation

The cups create a suction effect that increases circulation to the targeted areas where you place the cups. This extra blood flow promotes cell repairs and relieves muscle tension. In addition, the increased blood circulation as a result of cupping reduces the appearance of cellulite. The more blood flows to the targeted area, the more effective the treatment.


  • Cupping Encourages Toxin Release by Tissues

The body has natural toxin removal processes that work normally. Unfortunately, the varying modern lifestyles tend to overload toxins in your body. Cupping stimulates and boosts the natural toxin removal process.

Focused blood flow encourages your body to flush out built-up toxins via the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for flushing out your body’s waste and toxins.


  • Cupping Reduces Scars and Stretch Marks

The high blood flow encourages your body to dispose of toxins, remove excess fluid (edema), and restore lymphatic circulation, thus reducing the appearance of scarring. Different research studies have proven the positive effects of cupping on scars and stretch marks, even on less targeted areas for cupping therapy. Consider cupping therapy for cellulite a reliable procedure, especially if you also have scars and stretch marks.


Cupping is noninvasive and is considered safe for adults.

However, it is not for everyone, meaning some risks may be involved. Risks associated with cupping therapy for cellulite may include;


  • Worsening skin conditions for people suffering from psoriasis or eczema
  • Infection caused by improperly sterilized equipment
  • Wet cupping can cause anemia.


Generally, the common side effect of cupping is residual marks on your skin. However, this is normal and may last for a short while as part of recovery. You may also experience some minor headaches, discomfort, nausea, or dizziness.


  • Avoid cupping therapy if you have:
  • Recent injuries
  • Skin wounds or lesions
  • Sunburn.
  • before you head in for cupping therapy, consult your caregiver in case you:
  • Have hemophilia or heart disease
  • Have a pacemaker
  • Are pregnant; or
  • Take blood thinners.


Avoid general precaution sets you up for a risky cupping procedure.

Other non-related benefits of cupping therapy for cellulite include:


1. Cupping clears congestion and helps to treat asthma. The suction from cupping breaks up and eliminates congestion. In addition, it stimulates the flow of oxygen-rich blood and lymph to the lungs and other respiratory organs. Facial cupping is also recommended and helps to unblock sinuses.


2. Reduced anxiety. The parasympathetic nervous system is engaged when a cupping practitioner glides the cups across the skin. This nervous system is responsible for increasing gland and intestinal activity, helping in digestion, and slowing your heart rate. As such, stimulating it via cupping therapy promotes deep relaxation throughout the whole body.


3. Cupping clears colon blockages and helps indigestion. Engaging the parasympathetic nervous system increases blood flow to the digestive tract. Cupping gently on your abdomen stimulates the interior of your digestive organs. The treatment also helps in peristalsis, clearing colon blockages, relieving indigestion, and encouraging blood flow through the organs.


4. Modulating the cellular immune system


5. Reduced inflammation.


Generally, cupping therapy does a lot more for cellulite, depending on the frequency and expertise


Frequently Asked Questions

There are different methods to get rid of cellulite on your thighs fast. Some home remedies available include cellulite massage, bioactive collagen peptides, cupping therapy, exercise, and hydration. The fastest way to get rid of cellulite on the thighs varies from one individual to another. However, for most people, cellulite massage therapy and cupping therapy often show positive results as early as the first or second session.

Consult with your expert care provider to determine how regularly you should do cellulite cupping. Generally, patients are advised to go for cellulite cupping between two to three times weekly for effective results. The number of treatments will depend on the intensity of the cellulite, among other considerable factors.

Aftercare is important for recovery and to notice results faster. Bruises are often a byproduct of cellulite cupping. What is typically referred to as bruises are usually cupping marks. To treat these cupping marks, it is important to rest sufficiently, avoid touching these areas, and stay warm and hydrated. If the marks are extreme, the expert may recommend some topical applications to fasten the healing.

Yes, there are a few other reliable and effective anti-cellulite treatments, as explained and detailed in this article on anti-cellulite massage techniques.

Final Thoughts

Cupping therapy for cellulite has immense health benefits aside from reducing the appearance of cellulite. Consult your health practitioner to tailor a treatment plan to help you manage your cellulite condition.

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