7 Effective Eye Massage Techniques

7 Effective Eye Massage Techniques

If you spend hours a day staring at your phone, TV, tablets, laptop, or do any other detail-demanding tasks, your eyes tend to feel tired eventually. Your concentration is likely to wander since your shift focus to your eyes instead of the task at hand. Relieving dry or tired massage by doing an eye massage increases blood flow to the eye area and reduces tension.


This article outlines the benefits of eye massage and the various techniques.

Benefits of Eye Massage

A self eye massage is a wonderful addition to your vision care tool kit. It has several benefits, including;

          • It stimulates blood flow to the skin, capillaries, and muscles in the eye surrounding areas. This function helps to drain excess fluids, nourish new cell growth, reduce sagging areas, get rid of dark circles and tone the muscles
          • A massage destresses the muscles that cause crow’s feet
          • It ensures that the application of any skin feeding and moisturizing agent is gently and surely worked into the skin for optimum effectiveness
          • A massage activates the pressure points around your eye sockets. This function releases tension in the vision system and increases energy flow to your eyes
          • It speeds up lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins
          • A massage is relaxing and lets you nurture your eyes

What Does Massaging Your Eyelids Do?

One of the main reasons you look tired and old is due to sagging or droopy eyelids, medically referred to as ptosis. Ptosis could be permanent, temporary, congenital, or acquired. Drooping of the upper eyelids makes them appear heavy.


Alternatively, you can try eye massage, which is known to be highly effective in reversing droopy and sagging eyelids. Massage using oil prevents droopy eyelids and flaking or dryness of the skin around your eyes by releasing toxins. A gentle and soft massage around the eye helps tighten your eyelids and give you a younger, more refreshing appearance.

Best Eye Massage Techniques

It helps to increase blood circulation to the eye. As such, most of the eye problems you tend to encounter can be relieved by self-healing. There are different eye massage techniques, some of which directly target the eye, while others benefit the eye as a result.


These techniques include;

#1 – Acupuncture Eye Healing Massage

The Chinese introduced acupuncture, which has been around for ages. How do you perform an acupuncture massage?

Exert heavy finger pressure on each point surrounding your eyes for about ten seconds. Rub each point for about five seconds. If you feel any pain, it translates to eye weakness. Healthy eyes have no pain even when you exert more pressure. Spend more time on it if you feel any pain. With the pads of your first three fingertips, lightly press on closed eyelids for 30 seconds.

Finally, finish with the eye palming. Rub your hands together until warm, then cup your palms over both eyes for another 30 seconds. Perform eye palming daily since it is restful and heals your eyes and mind.

#2 – Naturopathic Eye Firming


This technique includes;

          • Place your palms on the bony ridges above each eye, press hard on your brow and move your skin side to side, up and down, and in tiny circles. Do the exercise 12-15 times on each side
          • Put your open palms on the sides of your temple. Move your skin forward and backward, up and down, and in circular motions about 12-14 times
          • Place your fingers on each cheekbone under your eyes while moving your skin left and right, up and down, 12-15 times.

Following these instructions can help you restore your vision.

#3 – Chinese Scalp Rubbing


Relax your body and mind while sitting straight. Using your fingers, slowly rub your scalp from the front to the back and in tiny circles for about a minute. This technique clears your heart of toxins, calms your nerves, invigorates your scalp, relaxes your brain, and improves your eyesight by increasing blood circulation to the eye and head region.

#4 – Do-In eye Massage


Do-In (Doe-Inn) is a form of self-healing massage practiced by Zen masters. Do-In is a chi energy technique, combining with Chi Kung breathing movements to regenerate and revive your body, spirit, emotions, and mind. This technique focused on the eye helps to eliminate toxins and improve vision.

#5 – Palm Eye Firming

Close your eyes tightly. Knead your eyelids with the inside of your palms. Circle your palms 15 times clockwise, then anticlockwise. Place your palms on your eyes and move side to side 15 times and up and down 15 times.

This technique helps to avoid eye diseases of the elderly and middle-aged.

#6 – Ironing the Face Technique


Using open palms, scrub your face from the forehead to the chin, and up to the ears in a circular motion 15 times. This technique eliminates wrinkles, brings fresh blood to your eyes, and often improves complexion.

#7 – Stroking Eyebrows Technique


Place your thumbs on your temple and stroke the eyebrows with the second knuckle of each forefinger above the eyebrows. Close your eyes, rub about 15 times using light and even pressure. The technique clears your eyes and regulates your nerve role. It also prevents hardening of the cerebral arteries and degenerative eye disease.

Use Eye Massager to Massage your Eyes

The alternative to using your fingers is the eye massager. The eye massager comes with built-in systems which stimulates the areas requiring relaxation. It helps you relax your eyes. Moreover, eye massagers come with variable heat temperatures. Such settings remove dry areas and help in blood vessel dilatation.


The eye massager is good for a relaxing and more efficient massage. It has all the benefits of a regular massage.

Eye massagers improve your eye health and also have some beauty-related effects. They provide anti-aging effects by eliminating wrinkles around your eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are different eye exercises you can perform to relax your eye muscles. These include;

          • Blinking your eyes more often
          • Cupping your palm over your eyes for relaxed vision
          • Trace a gigantic eight with your eyes clockwise and anticlockwise
          • Roll your eyes
          • Take a 20 minutes break every 20 minutes to focus on any other object located 20 feet away from you
          • Focus on objects near and far

One of the easiest ways to relieve your tired straining eyes is using eye drops. Using eye drops for straining symptoms will allow you to have normal eye function outside of your workday.

Watching too much TV causes eye strain since you tend to focus on a small, bright object in a dark room. Besides eye strain, watching too much TV also causes sharp pain, fatigue, headaches, and general eye tiredness.

Eye massage helps in alleviating digital eye strain symptoms. For individuals who suffer from dark circles and pronounced wrinkles, it helps to alleviate these too. But what if you have actual eyesight conditions such as Astigmatism, myopia, or hyperopia?


It is a “yes” and “no” answer.


If your eyesight is temporarily damaged due to effects of digital eye strain or any other mild causes, then yes, it can help improve eyesight. However, if the condition is a little more permanent, an eye massage can almost not help with the condition, which is why eye specialists may recommend surgery or laser treatments.

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