3 Effective Methods for Self Head Massage

3 Effective Methods for Self Head Massage

Professional head massage is a gateway to ultimate relaxation, has potential health benefits and can help you relieve stress and is a proper way to improve blood flow to your scalp.


Unfortunately, if you cannot get one from your favorite spa or massage therapist, this article will show you how to give yourself a head massage, what is easy and can be done anywhere.


Check out this article below on how to give yourself a head massage, including electric head massage that may help with hair growth.

What Are the Benefits of Head Massage?

The benefits depend on the type you are getting. For example, a cranial-sacral therapy, which focuses on the central nervous system of the head, sacrum, and spinal column, has the following pluses;


      • Promote relaxation
      • Stress relieve
      • Ease headache and migraine
      • Release tension

Generally, a head massage has immense benefits to the human body. These include;

How to Give Yourself a Head Massage

There are different methods of massaging your scalp. These include;

1. The basic massage

2. Using essential oils

3. Scalp massage using an electric gadget

Method 1: Basic Self Head Massage

Step 1. Prepare a relaxing surrounding. This includes finding a solid and comfortable chair to sit in. customize the surrounding noise levels to your desire. Most people find a quiet ambience the ideal setting to get the best of massage your scalp.


Step 2. Run your hands backwards through your hair. Use your fingertips in a straight motion from the front of the head to the back. Apply sufficient downward pressure. The amount of pressure you should apply can be determined by the presence of little bumps on your scalp that may be painful. Avoid applying excessive pressure to the point of pain or discomfort.


Step 3. Use small circular motions from front backwards. Repeat this motion gently using your fingers as you move across your head. Maintain the same gentle, effective pressure amount throughout the head.


Step 4. Reverse the direction. This time, move your fingertips from the back of the head frontwards while repeating the circular and straight motions.


Step 5. Repeat these motions from the sides. Start at the left or right at the front while moving straight up and down. Repeat the circular motion while moving fingers to the base of your head. Do the same on both sides.


Step 6. Use your entire palms across your head. Spread your fingers and make a cup shape with your palms. Place your hands on the side with your thumbs resting just above your ears. With your fingers on your scalp, move your hands backwards and forward.


Step 7. Rub your ears to finish the basic massage. Make gentle circles around your ear using your thumbs and fingers.

Method 2: Head Massage Using Oils

best essential oil

Massage oils are practical ways to get the best out of a body or massage your scalp.


Step 1. Select an essential oil and carrier oil. Essential oils provide a relaxing effect while also offering some hair care needs. Consult with an oil expert or your doctor to help you choose the best essential oil. Essential oils include lavender, peppermint, rosemary, natural, chamomile, and tea tree oil. Carrier oils include olive, jojoba, castor, and coconut oils. Avoid adding undiluted essential oils directly to your scalp. Mix your choice of essential and carrier oil.


Step 2. Pour the oil mixture on the top of your head. Slightly tip your head backwards to avoid oil dripping into your eyes. Pour it in portions onto the crown of your head.


Step 3. Rub your hands across your head. Move your hands to the front as your rub through your hair in straight motions. Repeat with circular motions. The circular and straight motions will ensure you spread the oil throughout the entire scalp surface.


Step 4. Pour the mixture at the back of your head. Tip your head forward to pour the oil to the back of your head. Spread the oil forward using your hands.


Step 5. Massage the entire head. After applying sufficient oil to your head, it is time to concentrate on that massaging your scalp. Massage in the oil while moving from front to back, then reverse. Do the same for the sides as well. Alternate between the circular and straight motions while paying extra attention to surfaces that feel a little intense.


Step 6. Leave the essential oil in for 20 minutes up to overnight to achieve the full benefits of the essential oils. Wrap your hair in a towel if you lie your head on any surface.


Step 7. Wash your head with water, conditioner, and shampoo. Use your regular hair products to clean your hair extensively.


Step 8. Depending on your needs, you can use a hair-dryer to remove the moisture. Finally, you might want to lie down shortly to relax.

Method 3: Head Massage Machine

“Can I use an electric body massager on my head?”


Most individuals believe that massaging your head with a hand-held body massager may cause potential harm, such as shock or stroke. The majority of these occurrences are usually a result of ignorance on using the device or lack of common sense.


Yes, you can use the electric body massager on your head.

The best way to gently massage your scalp is to use it in the lowest setting. Extremely powerful body massagers can deliver high-intensity deep tissue massages. However, on the lowest settings, you can use them safely on your head.

Frequently Asked Questions

Head massages are healthy, especially for individuals feeling jaw pain or chronic headaches. It is good to massage your head if you feel a little tense or at least twice weekly.

Contrary to popular advice, there is no extreme effect for massaging your head daily. Massaging your head gently everyday is recommendable. Doing it for about 5 minutes daily helps improve blood circulation and enhance hair growth.

The main aim of massage therapy is to invoke well-being. It may happen by targeting the causes of notable symptoms. Massaging your scalp can boost the feeling of relaxation and happiness just by the mere act of placing hands.


Small muscles around the head respond positively to touch, despite the relatively immobile cranium. It is close to the brain, which processes sensations. In a nutshell, the network of receptors and nerve endings on the skin process touch and sensation, which leads you to feel good during a scalp massage.

Professional scalp massage treatment stimulates the follicles and opens the pores to allow maximum hair growth. The fundamental nature of a scalp massage is stimulating the stagnant hair to full growth.

It depends on your hair type and allergies. For oily hair, argan oil is the ideal. For dry hair, may help jojoba, coconut, natural or olive oil. Combine castor oil with peppermint and rosemary oil to support hair growth.

Most people prefer to heat the oil before applying it to the scalp. Ensure you don’t heat it too hot since it will feel uncomfortable and expose you to burns.

It is highly unlikely that you cannot massage your head independently unless there is a physical challenge or muscle pains that restrict hand movements. If this is the case for you, talk to your relative or massage therapist to help with the process. Ensure you let them know how you feel about every motion to ensure comfort. You can also visit a spa or massage therapist or go to a barbershop that offers head massages as after services.


A scalp massage has potential health improvements that include relaxation, reduced headaches, improved blood circulation, and hair growth. The best way to enjoy it – is to do it yourself. That way, you can be mindful of your comfort levels and tweak circular motions to address every minor concern. All steps you can find in this article.


With reduced body tension and stress in the scalp, head, neck and face area, you will notice fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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